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Want to edit your ringtones? Just download Mp3 To Ringtone Gold.

Support for MP3 To Ringtone/Gold/Pro/AnMing MP3 CD Burner is always close at hand. An E-mail message will get the quickest response. Be certain to provide background information as much as possible. To send one, just click E-mail message above, and the process should start on your system. (If you don't have an Internet connection or "registered" E-mail application, this may fail.)

Include (at least) the following information if you encounter a problem with the software:

Your operating system, for example Windows 98 or Windows XP Professional Windows 2000 or windows vista.

How much RAM your computer has installed (sometimes called "memory"). If you don't know how to check this, open an Explorer window (not Internet Explorer, but Windows Explorer) and select Help/About. It should show you a listing on the bottom of the dialog: Physical memory available to Windows. That will give you the RAM, but not swap file, available to the system for most versions of Windows.

Your computer's CPU and speed (for example, Pentium IV, 2GHZ).

A concise description of the problem and what you did to get it to happen. If you can get it to repeat at will, please give us every step from beginning until the end, that will help us replicate your problem. Explain it so we can re-create it here, and we'll do our best to find out what causes it and get back to you with a possible solution.

We welcome your suggestions and comments. E-mail ideas for new features, improvements, or other subjects to support@ddz1977.com.

Market issue: sales@ddz1977.com

Other problem,please enter our website: http://www.ddz1977.com/faq.html

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